How It Works

1) Only one professional from each business category is allowed per group. You will not have any competition within your group, so referrals in your business category go to you!

2) Members meet monthly for breakfast or lunch for about 90 minutes to build relationships, exchange contacts and refer business opportunities with one another.

3) Identify and share clients with group members and watch your own business grow from their referrals.

4) Explore proven strategies in winning new business opportunities.

5) Develop strong and life-long relationships with other members in our YJP community.


In the growing world of professional networking, YJP New York is expanding its efforts through the new Access Exchange membership program. The program allows young professionals to build a network of contacts through referrals. Professionals meet in an intimate, structured environment with peers they can trust and garner advice they can value.

Access Exchange provides a forum for professionals in different industries to create and acquire business opportunities through a proven method. In addition to new contacts, group members have the opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with one another.

If you are interested in joining Access Exchange, please click here to fill out and submit an application to the program. Spaces are limited and individuals in non-competing professions will be chosen to participate. If you have any colleagues, family members or friends who may be interested, please feel free to forward them this information.