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YJP is proud to announce our newest initiative:

There is no greater gift than helping someone advance his/her career, and now YJP will use the power of our massive network to connect employers with the most qualified candidates.

Drawing on the extensive industry-specific experience of our executive level members, YJP Careers uses a thorough double screening process to provide employers with candidates that are relevant, skilled and impressively suited for available positions. Unlike a head-hunter or recruitment firm, YJP Careers adds the unparalleled expertise of our very own members within each industry screening and interviewing the candidates for proper placement.

Individual YJP Members submit their resumes, while corporate members submit their job opportunities. A panel of volunteers from each industry is convened consisting of two sub-sets, Junior Ambassadors and Senior Ambassadors. Junior Ambassadors review resumes and rate them based on predetermine criteria, ultimately identifying which candidates will have the opportunity to interview with a Senior Ambassador. Once interviewed by a Senior, the candidate is again scored and rated. This determines who will be recommended for an interview by the hiring company. Only those candidates with the highest ratings will be matched to available opened positions.

Service will be available beginning February 1, 2018 to YJP members, both individual and corporate. Individual members can use the platform to look for a new job while corporate members can use the platform to look for a new employee for their company. YJP careers will not entertain candidates from corporate members without explicit permission.

As someone successful in your industry, you can likely identify one or two individuals who, for no real apparent reason, invested time and energy into helping you advance your professional career. Here's you opportunity to help another person the same way. Use the skills you have to help others move forward.
Not to mention that as an YJP Career Ambassador, you'll have first access to talented professionals looking for change. What better way to find competent candidates for positions within your own company?

About YJP
YJP (Young Jewish Professionals) is a non-profit 501(c)3 Manhattan-based organization focused on providing business, educational and social networking opportunities for the new generation of Jewish business leaders. Our young men and women will provide the bold ideas and resources to forge a prosperous, empowered future for the Jewish people and the global community. Current economic conditions have greatly heightened the vital importance of business networking and business support programs. By bringing Jewish professionals together with mentors in their fields, YJP’s non-denominational organization creates a community in which Jewish professionals can support and stimulate each other’s careers while building a stronger connection to their heritage and enhancing their awareness of issues that impact the Jewish community.

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