Young Jewish Professionals
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Every employment opportunity is explored by our staff to determine the company’s professional standards and the prospect of career advancement.
The YJP receives notification of vacancies and openings directly from our network of supporters and friends. These positions are available exclusively through the YJP.
We constantly survey the market for all avenues of employment. Additionally, our affiliation with industry leaders enables us to provide jobs in multiple markets.
A skilled team is employed to deal expressly with this employment initiative. All applications are dealt with promptly and confidentially.
YJP (Young Jewish Professionals) is a non-profit 501(c)3 Manhattan-based organization focused on providing business, educational and social networking opportunities for the new generation of Jewish business leaders. Our young men and women will provide the bold ideas and resources to forge a prosperous, empowered future for the Jewish people and the global community.

Current economic conditions have greatly heightened the vital importance of business networking and business support programs. By bringing Jewish professionals together with mentors in their fields, YJP’s non-denominational organization creates a community in which Jewish professionals can support and stimulate each other’s careers while building a stronger connection to their heritage and enhancing their awareness of issues that impact the Jewish community.
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